Are you in it to win it?

Kevin Campbell’s Personal Mentoring contest

I’m giving away a personal mentoring mastermind session, including round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations in beautiful red rock country Sedona, Arizona.

$8,500.00 in value!

What you will learn:

* Discover the latest social media recruiting tactics to rapidly enroll new team members into your business.
* Get lifetime access to a private mastermind & member only community.
* My personal “I’m not going to let you fail and will virtually guarantee your success” system.
* I will reveal the best and the quickest way to get new retail customers in your business, no matter what your business is.
* You will receive a copy of my book Debt to Wealth and learn how to completely heal your financial burdens and turn them into assets quickly.
* I will show you how to get up to $6000 cash to grow your business with no repayment required.
* You will learn how I close sales even when my prospect says no.
* I will give you access to my private Rolodex of contacts.  You know what they say…”It’s who you know, not what you know” that opens doors for you.
* How to make your first million dollars following simple step by step routines I will lay out for you in explicit detail leaving no chance for failure.
*How to use network marketing on the back end of your business to create residual income without having to promote your company directly.



Free and simple to enter:

  1. Register your name, email, and best phone number
  2. Share this contest page to earn points
  3. The person with the most points wins!

You could win Attraction Marketing Elite training, round-trip air, and hotel in enchanted Sedona, Arizona, plus private mentor training with Kevin Campbell.  A total value of $8500.

Our integrated system keeps track of all entries and gives everyone a great chance to win the educational experience of a lifetime.

How It Works

Once you sign up, you’ll be given a special referral link along with a set of social share buttons. To earn points in the contest, you’ll share our page (the one you are on now) using your links. The contestant with the most total points at the end of the contest will have the greatest chance to win Kevin’s personal mentoring contest. Everything is tracked and monitored automatically. You’ll receive email updates on your personal score along with notifications every time someone signs up via your link. The Winner is selected at random by our automated system, the contestant with the most points, stands a greater chance of winning.

Contest Rules

You must only use YOUR personal tracking link in order for your referrals to be counted toward your score. This contest period will end on August 10th at 11:59pm PST. The winner will be announced within 48 hours after that time.

Points Structure

  • You earn 10 points instantly just for signing up!
  • You earn 5 points for sharing on social networks (each network you share on earns 5 points per network)
  • You’ll get 1 point for every visitor you send to your referral link.
  • You earn 10 points for every person who signs up to the contest via your referral link
  • Before the end date, additional contests, and point building opportunities for contestants will be added to the total point value for winning this Grand Prize.

Terms of Use: This contest is free to enter. No purchase required. The contest period will end on August 10 at 11:59pm PST. The winner will be announced within 48 hours of that time. The winner will receive a ticket to Kevin Campbell’s Personal Mentoring contest (valued at $8,500). We reserve the right to deny a selected winner if we suspect fraudulent activity.  If this happens the contestant with the next highest score will be selected as the winner.

About Me

My entrepreneurial journey began at the young age of 13 when I started my own mail order business working out of my bedroom.  Since then, I’ve met and worked with some of the top leaders in the industry, reaching soaring career heights and personal rock-bottom downs. No matter what happens in life and business, we all build new experiences and value to share with others. Learn more by clicking below.

Kevin is a 40+ year veteran of the home business industry and former network marketing company owner. He is a former corporate member of the DMA and MLMIA, and the former Chairman of the World Entrepreneurs Association.

Kevin is recognized in the industry as one of the pioneers of direct mail networking and has also appeared on a Daily Cash Television Show with Sam Pitts which aired in the late 1980s. Kevin’s background includes working on air as a pro voice at KKUA Radio, Honolulu in the 1980s, and cooperative ventures with Guthy Renker Corporation and the Nightingale Conant Corporation.

After achieving great success in the 1980s, Kevin decided to take some time off from the business world and for 17 years was a varsity football coach at four high schools in Arizona and was named regional assistant coach of the year in 2005, his final year of coaching.

Kevin has dedicated the last few years to personal development and teaching the Secret of the Toll Position which was his first audiobook. His second book Debt To Wealth was one of the top self-help financial books in 2006.

Kevin is currently involved in the self-improvement industry and is working on his third book. He is a free thinker and visionary who is against social programming and the use of force to suppress critical thinking. He thinks way outside the box and likes to challenge individuals on their deepest beliefs.

Kevin is also an activist for natural healing, intermittent fasting, and is a supporter of the greatest doctor known to man… “Your body”

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